Year of the Rooster ponders about chicken folk paintings

In our country, there are many areas where folk paintings are made and of course there are chicken paintings because people believe that cattle, poultry, vegetable gardens, fish ponds, rice, corn, potatoes, and cassava are the roots of satiety and fullness. for life in society. Painting is a spiritual food, especially on New Year’s Day to welcome spring, every year there are pictures of that child, except for two dogs, a dog and a monkey, few places paint, especially the Dong Ho line of paintings, there are not two of them.

The people of Tho Ha ancient village liked the chicken in Ho village paintings, the expression is different from Hang Trong and Hue paintings in terms of lines, composition and colors. Different from domestic paintings, Ho village paintings depict chickens in general, including roosters, hens or chicks, viewers can see the softness and sincerity of the village’s charming and flexible movements in daily activities.

The people of Tho Ha ancient village often hang a picture of a chicken “Mother and child” taking care of tangerines in the care of a loving mother and then picking up insects and feeding the children quite vividly, how lovely it is. The way of drawing on scallop paper and evoking natural colors from flowers and flowers has pushed the cheerfulness of the chickens to a perfect step.

People in Tho Ha ancient village look at a picture that reminds them of the harvest day of the village, after the day of harvest, leaving behind the clumps of straw that chickens are searching for and gathering food to eat. The way to describe the structure and layout here is also quite witty, mischievous, chirping and chirping of chicks jumping on the mother’s back, creating a strange attraction.

On Tet holiday, the flock of chickens “Mother and children”, to the rooster “Crows at dawn”, are all associated with the wet rice culture of the Northern Delta. On New Year’s Day, paintings of two animals are often symmetrically placed chickens and pigs on both sides of the ancestors’ altar. In the years of the chicken zodiac, people often hang two pictures of chickens, hens and roosters in two vases. It can be said that the chicken in Dong Ho painting is quite a beautiful painting, so after playing three days of Tet in February, people take it down and roll it up and put it in a bamboo tube or a bamboo tube to store it away for next year’s spring play. The people of Tho Ha ancient village love chicken paintings because they have a unique and brilliant feature of the art that is very peaceful, but also very satirical, there are many unique paintings containing profound social acclaim. deep. Based on the characteristics of the chicken and especially the aggressive and selfish personality of the rooster, when he meets his partner, he always shows the majesty of “the most heroic moment”, the rooster that folk artisans have exploited. on this personality to create many quality works in both content and art form.

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