Y Ty – the best check-in point today

Located at an altitude of 2000m above sea level, Y Ty commune is one of the best check-in places today, next to Sapa Vietnam. Not “less than you”, Y Ty owns many wild scenes that make people feel touched, accompanied by many attractive camping, trekking, …

First, you should plan to come to Y Ty in the following two periods: August – September (ripe rice season) or September – April next year (cloud hunting season). To fully admire the golden terraced fields, the ideal route is to go from the valley of The Pa – Hong Ngai – Den Sang. Especially in Den Sang, the rice fields become even more brilliant because the transplanted rice is the typical local rice same Sapa Vietnam.

In the cloud hunting season, we can visit the following places: A Lu slope, Ngai Thau, Lao Than peak,… Located in a temperate climate zone with a considerable altitude, you will hunt for great distances. Carving with hands touching the clouds is extremely amazing. In particular, the road from A Lu slope to Ngai Thau is the highlight of the whole Y Ty excursion. Not only is it easy to “hunt clouds”, this place also has a great view to see the vast terraces in the mist similar to Sapa Vietnam

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