Y Linh Ho

Y Linh Ho Sapa Vietnam is located in the middle of the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range, blessed by nature with many impressive landscapes with terraced fields, green forests and streams meandering under bridges spanning the mountains. frozen in the sky. To get here, you can go in the direction of Lao Chai, cross this bridge to reach the village. The houses of local people are spread out on the slopes, with a direct view of the green corn slopes and the “rice terraces” as far as the horizon. I’m so jealous of the people here because they can enjoy the picturesque scenery every season.

During the ripening rice season of August and September, the fields running from the hillside to the foot of the mountain turn a shiny golden color, sparkling and glowing under the extremely attractive sunlight. Moreover, Y Linh Ho in Sapa Vietnam is also interesting with experiences associated with streams, completely different. You can trek from the forest through the waterfall to the stream, row a boat, and immerse yourself in the natural water of the waterfall and the numbingly cold stream. The hospitality, honesty, and simplicity of the people here are also a memorable beauty, making anyone who has ever been here look forward to returning one day.

After we finished rowing, we went to Dung’s house to play in Sapa Vietnam. My little house is perched on the side of a mountain. I’m still young but I know how to help my parents with housework and rowing very well. I really like learning English. Whenever I have free time, my kids will teach me new words. I hope that when I grow up, I will become a very good tour guide!

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