Widespread new road Hong Ngai

“I live in the border, where the Red River flows into Vietnam”. The familiar lyrics in the song brought me back to the borderland of Bat Xat, with thousands of mountains, forests and clouds. On the last day of the year, after a long cold spell, the sunshine and honey warmed up, causing the ripe peach buds to bloom early in the border land. Looking at the geographical map, Hong Ngai borders both Ma Ngan Ty commune, Kim Binh district, Yunnan province (China), and Nam Xe commune, Phong Tho district, Lai Chau province. Hong Ngai is also the name of the large mountain range where the Lung Po stream originates before merging with the Red River at A Mu Sung. However, in order to reach Lung Po watershed, it is not possible to follow the stream because of the difficult terrain, but must go uphill to Y Ty commune near Sapa Vietnam, where the altitude is more than 2,000 m above sea level, and then go another 20 km to reach Hong Kong. Sir.

Recalling in 2015, I had a business trip to Hong Ngai, since then I still carry fear because the journey is too arduous. At that time, the road to Hong Ngai was only widened, but it was still a dirt road with mixed stones, it took nearly half a day to arrive. Hong Ngai people walking to Y Ty market have to bring rice balls to eat along the way because it takes exactly 1 day. However, today I called Vang Sau, Head of Hong Ngai village, I heard his voice full of excitement: The road to Hong Ngai is now concrete, bro, it only takes 40 minutes from Y Ty to the village near Sapa Vietnam.

Listening to Mr. Sau boast, I am also happy because the lifelong dream of hundreds of Dao households in Sim San and H’mong people in Hong Ngai has come true. When talking with Mr. Ngo Quoc Cuong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Y Ty Commune, he also said that this is a project to be completed by the end of 2021. Indeed, the new concrete road is being accelerated construction, Sim section. San – Hong Ngai has been completed, only about 3 km through Sin Chai village to complete.

Looking down from above, the road is as beautiful as a silk ribbon winding through the villages of Lao Chai, Sin Chai, to Sim San 1, Sim San 2 and then to Hong Ngai. From the spring of this year, Hong Ngai is no longer a deserted “oasis”. On the new road, people will eagerly go to Y Ty near Sapa Vietnam and Trinh Tuong markets, go to Lao Cai city to travel to spring, and tourists from all over the world can easily come to the Mong village at the end of the border to watch the peach blossoms bloom.

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