Why is Tho Ha village so cramped?

With the name of a village, in a rural area, Tho Ha is currently doing things that are nowhere to be found: the village has no agricultural land, the village has a population density equal to that of the inner districts of Hanoi, the old house are the places to raise pigs, super narrow lanes, children without playgrounds and so high land prices…

Pottery has been lost, now Tho Ha people mainly make rice paper rolls, brew wine and raise pigs. There is not an exact statistics from the local government but there must be hundreds of households out of more than 900 households here raising pigs.

At home, there are 5-6 pigs, many families have several dozen, making Tho Ha village now also have total up to several thousand pigs. 4,000 people and thousands of pigs squeezing together on an area of ​​0.2km2 like in Tho Ha is too amazing.

With only an area of ​​0.2km2, this village has had to accommodate more than 900 households with 4,000 people. Calculate the density in Tho Ha up to more than 20,000 people/km2. The density in Tho Ha is equivalent to Thanh Xuan, Cau Giay and Hai Ba Trung districts of Hanoi.

The land is too meager, so the construction of rural roads is also limited to the maximum extent. The whole village of Tho Ha is divided into four hamlets, but there is only one road that runs along the foot of the dike, which is more than 1km long, and from here are the 100-200m long fishbone-shaped alleys that stab from the main road to the pond behind the village.

As we eagerly rode our motorbikes into an alley to look for old houses to take pictures, we suddenly realized that we couldn’t turn around if we wanted to get out. We tried to measure this alley and found it wide… 90cm, no different from the narrowest alleys in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. In a rural area 50km far from Hanoi in the midland and mountainous province of Bac Giang, it is too strange to have such super narrow alleys.

Tho Ha has many super narrow alleys like that. The widest alleys are only 1.2-1.5m. There are many alleys 90cm to 1m wide left.

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