Why does Tho Ha village without agriculture develop the profession of making rice paper rolls?

Due to the characteristics of the village on three sides bordering the immense river, Tho Ha people do not cultivate agriculture but mainly live by traditional occupations. Tho Ha is famous for making pottery, making rice noodles and now the village is especially famous for making rice paper rolls and baked rice cakes. Coming to Tho Ha without trying these two unique products is a mistake.

I don’t know since when, the two phrases “Tho Ha” and “banh da” (rice paper cake) were so attached to each other. According to the people here, it has existed for a long time and is a profession that has been passed on in Tho Ha. Therefore, even though this profession is difficult, for them, it is still a feature of the village, still needs to be preserved and developed into a unique culture. It’s also a way for people to show respect to their predecessors.

From the main ingredient is rice flour, the rice paper rolls with a cool, white aroma, both thin and tough, are created under rustic and sincere hands. Entering from Tho Ha village gate, wherever there is sunshine, there are rice paper rolls, the whole village smells of rice flour.

To make delicious rice paper rolls in accordance with Tho Ha standards, bakers have to get up very early to prepare ingredients. Sharing with me, Ms. Thuy – owner of Khoa Thuy rice paper production facility said: “If you want rice paper rolls to be delicious, the rice must be delicious and carefully selected. The production process of rice paper rolls today, thanks to the support of machines, is less strenuous than in the past, and at the same time brings higher productivity.

In particular, Ms. Thuy also emphasized that what makes the biggest difference between Tho Ha spring rolls compared to other types of spring rolls lies in the ingredients that make them. Bakers must choose good quality rice so that when grinding the flour, it is not too mushy but blends just enough. The ingredients for making rice paper rolls are only rice and salt, not mixed with any other additives to ensure the quality of the cake.

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