Where is Si Ma Cai?

In recent years, young people have been traveling to Si Ma Cai more and more because they love the wild and peaceful beauty of this place. This is a highland district in the Northeast region near Sapa Vietnam, located at the upstream of Chay river. Si Ma Cai is an ancient, primitive and original land with a fresh and cool climate.

It is because of its beautiful terrain and scenery that Si Ma Cai has become a favorite coordinate of many people. Only 340 km from Hanoi, visitors can easily get here via the Hanoi – Lao Cai highway near Sapa Vietnam. If you are a person who likes to travel, then Si Mai Cai is really the ideal place to once set foot. In the eyes of travelers from all over the world, Si Ma Cai is really a beautiful land with overlapping limestone mountains, craggy cat ears cliffs with green jungle, winding terraced fields, and beautiful mountains. copper triangle circuit. This place is suitable for weekend trips or times when you want to escape.

In the language of the Mong ethnic group, Si Ma Cai means “The market has a strange horse”. Besides, the places of this highland district near Sapa Vietnam also have very mysterious and interesting names such as Lu Than, Ban Me, Can Cau, Lung Sui… Coming here is not only an opportunity for tourists to admire the scenery, but also help you learn more about the life of the Mong people.

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