Where is Kenh Ga Hot Spring?

Kenh Ga hot spring is located in Kenh Ga village, Gia Thin commune, Gia Vien district near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. The stream flows from the heart of a mountain on Kenh Ga floating village and flows into the Hoang Long tributary. This is a famous mineral water spring, which has been listed by the Vietnam Record Book Center as one of the top 5 most attractive hot spring resorts in Vietnam.

Kenh Ga junction is the confluence between Boi River and Lang River into Hoang Long River near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, this place is called Vong Am because the weather is always warm, where many fish and aquatic creatures gather and live.

Since ancient times, this place has formed a fishing village called Kenh Ga floating village. To reach Kenh Ga stream, visitors have to take a boat through Hoang Long tributaries into Kenh Ga floating village. This is a remote village in the limestone area of Gia Vien lowland, Ninh Binh. The village is surrounded by the Hoang Long river system.

Van Trinh cave is located in Mo mountain in Thuong Hoa commune, Nho Quan district near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. Van Trinh is a large and one of the most beautiful caves in Ninh Binh, next to Thien Ha cave, Tien Ca cave, and Vai Gioi cave.

The cave is located in a mountain over a hundred meters high. The entrance to the cave is halfway up the mountain, about 40 m high above the ground. by boat from Hoang Long river wharf.

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