What’s so beautiful about autumn in Sapa?

The beautiful autumn Sapa must be said to be enchanting with many things, from the landscape, the climate to the people here. Let’s explore with Nobletours.net an autumn in Sapa.

1, The golden season on the high mountain

Autumn in Sapa falls from mid-August to the end of October. This is the season when the ripe golden terraced fields look shiny and winding, the layers are extremely beautiful on the mountains.In particular, coming to Sapa at the end of August or early September, you will be able to see the most fully when the rice has not been harvested.To see beautiful rice in Sapa, you should go to these villages: Lao Chai, Ta Van and Ta Phin because these are the villages that grow the most rice and the scenery is also very poetic.

2, Feel the cold of the beginning season

Although it is autumn, the weather in Sapa is often much lower than in other regions because it is located in the high mountains. Daytime temperatures are around 17-21 degrees and evenings drop to about 12-15 degrees. Although it is so cold, there is still light sunshine during the day, but the sunny time is not much, very suitable for sitting coffee with friends, drifting clouds, feeling a true “Sapa – foggy city”.

3, Season of beautiful flowers in Sapa

The cold of Sapa in autumn is the right time for flowers to bloom beautifully on the mountains. In particular, if you go to Cat Cat village this season, you will have the opportunity to take pictures with the beautiful Chrysanthemum.

4, Eat grilled food, Sapa salmon hot pot

In the midst of the cold of autumn in Sapa, sitting together to eat barbecue on the sidewalk in Sapa, there is nothing more wonderful, isn’t it? Or gather together to enjoy the delicious salmon hotpot, which is a specialty of the land of Sapa, the salmon raised in the lakes on the streams in Sapa is both clean and delicious.

5, Sapa autumn is more romantic than Korea

If the image of Sapa was filmed by famous filmmakers in the world and made into a movie, it would be much more romantic than the Korean movies you’ve seen. From the landscape, the climate to the people… All create an autumn love song full of charm and fascination.



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