What to do when traveling to Sapa on a rainy day?

Traveling to Sapa on a rainy day is an extremely interesting experience, not as boring as you think. Many people will remember the bright sunny days of Sapa, but forget about the rainy days in Sapa with a taste and romance that is hard to find anywhere else. The clear and peaceful beauty of the mountains and forests of the Northwest is even more poetic on a rainy day, making the hearts of tourists go to Sapa to feel very sad.

Traveling to Sapa on a rainy day will bring visitors new and extremely interesting experiences. Pause after a series of leisurely days on all the Northwest roads because of an unscheduled rain, don’t be discouraged but enjoy it to the fullest. Who knows, those will be unforgettable moments in your life!

In Sapa, it is not difficult for tourists to find Sapa cafes with mountain views, forest views, valley views, … picturesque. This is a great opportunity for you to pause, rest, enjoy a warm cup of coffee and admire the scenery of mountains and clouds in Sapa on a romantic rainy day.One of the most memorable moments when traveling to Sapa on a rainy day is taking a check-in photo with a transparent umbrella. Just a small, pretty umbrella and indiscriminate shooting at any angle will produce beautiful photos without editing.You can check-in with a transparent umbrella anywhere, the beautiful Muong Hoa valley, the Sapa Stone Church, the central square of Sapa Town,… or even a cafe you come across. on the road.On rainy days, tourists in Sapa can enjoy hot sturgeon hot pot. This Northwest specialty dish is extremely popular with diners because of its delicious taste, soft and sweet fish meat and served with exotic wild vegetables typical of the Northwest.

In addition, Sapa tourists can enjoy grilled dishes marinated according to a special recipe that is extremely mouth-watering. But the most special thing is the unique occipital dipping sauce that makes people remember forever.On such rainy days in Sapa, visitors can choose to visit the markets to shop and see the scene of the local people’s end of the day market. There are also many lively bars, clubs, .. so that visitors can have unforgettable experiences in Sapa.

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