What to buy at Coc Le market in Lao Cai

Referring to Sapa Vietnam, one must immediately mention the delicious and greasy forest chestnuts. There are quite a few different types of chestnuts such as sweet chestnuts, glutinous chestnuts, etc. Hot roasted chestnuts are very tasty and full of flavor from the Northwest mountains. This can be said to be the ideal gift that every tourist coming here must buy. The approximate price is only 60,000 – 70,000 VND/kg.

The Northwest dishes are well known such as pork, buffalo meat in the kitchen, smoked sausages. Fruit dishes such as plums, sapa peaches, etc. These are the foods we all must try when coming to Sapa Vietnam. The very unique flavors and firmness will set you apart. These edible products are also easy to store and protect and are easily transportable. These are considered as special meaningful gifts for my relatives and friends.

Here, there will be stalls selling consumer electronics, and you can freely choose and shop. You can also buy toys, essential items. If you love to buy gifts for the little ones, this is the place that we have in mind for you. The favorite beautiful electric play products, but the value is very reasonable and affordable.

Coc Leu market on the way to Sapa Vietnam still exists stalls selling leather goods such as bags, hats, wallets, shoes, etc. If you are a shopaholic, you have already missed this stall. The rich looks, many designs come from genuine brands but the value is cheap. The feature when coming to the Northwest, the more you miss out on brocade, bamboo or sedge products.

Dried products such as traditional Chinese medicine, Tam That, Dao leaves, etc. are one of the very popular product lines here. We have been knowing the absolute effects of many highland tobaccos on strength. To save everyone’s sleep, blood circulation, healthy skin, etc., you can also buy these product lines to use and as gifts for friends and relatives. This is considered a very special gift

There is a separate stall selling fishing tackle from well-known brands. If you love fishing then this is the ideal location for you. Different types of fishing rods you can choose from are also available. The shape is rich and beautiful, as strong as a nail, but the value is very soft.

Coc Le Market on the way to Sapa Vietnam has a location on the 2nd floor specializing in selling clothes. This is likely to be the location that attracts the most tourists. Not only visitors but also business traders. The market is so close to the Chinese border, so the clothes here are very cheap, the clothes are very hot and updated. Trends are popular. If you have already set foot there, you need to take a few walks at these stalls.

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