What is the beauty of Muong Hoa valley?

Coming to Sapa Vietnam, passing many misty high mountains of the Northwest, visitors will get lost in the beautiful valley with the name Muong Hoa. Here, visitors will admire the system of terraced fields winding like a giant curtain spread on the surface of the valley. Each season, the terraced fields bring to Muong Hoa a different and charming beauty.

In the green rice season in Sapa Vietnam, the whole valley is covered with the green color of young rice. When the rice is ripe, the valley is filled with a golden color under the sun. In the pouring water season, the terraced fields are sparkling with the color of the sky.

From above, Muong Hoa looks like a beautiful natural picture painted by mother nature. To fully admire the scenery of Muong Hoa valley in Sapa Vietnam  visitors should take the mountain train to see the whole place. From the glass window of the old French-style ship, Muong Hoa valley appears as a peaceful inclined basin with terraced fields winding next to soft silk roads, with a romantic flower stream.

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