Wandering fog in Sapa Vietnam

Every autumn morning when we wake up and step down the road to town, we feel like we are walking in a fairy-tale world full of enchantment. Fog hangs everywhere in Sapa Vietnam, fog covers every street, fog hovers over the trees and then shyly sneaks into small houses. A world engulfed in morning fog makes the landscape suddenly become shimmering, hazy and filled with a sense of peace.

So many people like to go out when the sky just wakes up to try the feeling of floating in the morning dew, reaching out with a small hand to immediately touch the dew, then being surprised when standing just a few steps away from each other. but it seemed like they couldn’t see each other’s faces clearly, making anyone think they were lost in a fairyland. Walking in the early morning mist of autumn in Sapa Vietnam is to feel the calmness of an ancient town in the border region, leisurely walking on quiet roads, stopping somewhere, sipping a warm cup of coffee, looking at the poetic land and sky, then opening up your chest to inhale the simple scent of life, strangely quiet and peaceful.

People often admire the autumn sunshine in Hanoi, but few people know that Sapa also has sweet, golden sunny days in autumn. That was the time when the summer sunshine suddenly became less harsh, gently pouring honey to warm the misty town and making it more magical. The golden sunshine brings new vitality to the whole scene, the sunshine makes the morning clouds disappear quickly, the sunlight gently dances through each leaf, the sunlight falls on the gurgling streams around the hills and bustles with fun. on the colorful clothes of the Cao Cao ethnic group. Just that alone is enough to make people excited and anxious, wanting to immerse themselves in the autumn sunshine full of poetry and love in Sapa Vietnam.

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