Vuc Vong temple

According to legend and pedigree of Vuc Vong temple, Nguyen Thi Nien is the daughter of Nguyen Quyen, a general of the Mac dynasty. She is a talented, talented and beautiful woman who followed her father to defend the land of Hoa Lu near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. In Nguyen Quyen’s army, there were two dukes, namely Quan My (Bui Van Khue) and Quan Ke (Phan Van Ngan). The American district has a talent for martial arts and humility. The District of Ke is cowardly, arrogant, and trusting in kingship. Both fell in love with Nguyen Thi Nien

At that time, in the Hoang Long River near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, the section near Vong Vong, there was a large vortex that caused floods and disasters for the villagers every year. So there is a custom here every year to make offerings and then throw a girl into the whirlpool for the stream to eat. If they don’t do that, they think that the monster will raise the water and cause disaster for the whole area. Dissatisfied with this custom, Mrs. Nien made a condition that the two of them had to find the reason to break it. Whoever can do it, she will agree to be a wife.

Quan My dived into the exploration vortex and discovered that the flow was blocked by reefs and changed its direction. Every year, when the water rises to the abyss, the vortex flows more rapidly, sucking boats and sinking, causing much damage in the area. As long as the stone embankment turns the flow, there is no longer a vortex. He broke the rock on the mountain to fill the convection flow, the river returned to calm. As a result, the American district won, so she was able to marry her.

Quan Ke was angry and used a plot to harm her father to take the position of defending Truong Yen near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. Then plotted to kill the American District to usurp Nguyen Thi Nien. She pretended to agree, got drunk and beheaded District Ke to avenge her father and husband. She then jumped into the Hoang Long River to commit suicide. Her body drifted into the Square, people picked it up for burial. People in the area mourned her with compassion, grateful to grandparents for removing the custom, saving many lives. They built a temple to worship her right there, now called Vuc temple. The temple was restored to worship majestically, has a reputation for being sacred, and people from all over the world come to worship in large numbers. Today, when coming to Ninh Binh, in addition to visiting other tourist attractions, visitors can visit Vuc Temple and burn incense to commemorate a talented and virtuous daughter. At the same time enjoy the elegant beauty of the temple

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