Visit Tho Ha ancient village to see the sunlight under the old tree

Walking around the red-brown brick path of Tho Ha ancient village, we can relax watching the sun shine on the mossy tiled roofs  or the flowers in the yard, in front of the alley. My heart suddenly calmed down when I entered an ancient temple of Tho Ha village, I felt like I was washed away from the dust of life. Looking up at the curved roof of the communal house filled with the color of rain and sun, the mind becomes lighter. We can see the pieces of pottery on the village gate or the wall of the house reminiscent of a glorious time of ancient Tho Ha pottery.

The image of the poetic Cau River with a banyan tree is considered a symbol of the peace that Tho Ha people have kept for many years. And they just live happily and sadly, living a frugal life, dedicated to doing their traditional jobs by the peaceful river. Besides the unique tangible and intangible values, Tho Ha ancient village is also famous for making rice paper and rice noodles. Tho Ha spring rolls are moderately white, soft, and flexible. When you open the bag, you can see the smell of rice. When rolling fried spring rolls, the crust is crispy, dipping in water is tough.

When the golden sunlight shines, the ancient arches, houses, roofs of the communal house and the walls built with baked ceramics suddenly exude a very strange beauty with yellow and red light imprinted with the traces of time. Ancient beauty in ancient architectural areas, ancient villages along with traditional crafts imprinted with the spirit of Tho Ha countryside have been creating a great attraction for domestic and foreign tourists to visit.


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