Village sweeping ceremony of Xa Pho people

The village sweeping ceremony of the Xa Pho people in Sapa Vietnam has the meaning of praying for a peaceful new year, lush trees, healthy animals, and proliferation. The festival usually takes place on the day of the Horse and the Goat in the second lunar month. According to the concept of Xa Pho people, the second lunar month is the month of hungry ghosts, the village ghosts will come to destroy the lives of the goats, so they have to organize a festival to sweep the village so that the new year will be peaceful. Before the day of the worshiping ceremony, the man who is the breadwinner of the family will sit together to discuss business at the house of the oldest person in the village.

At the beginning of the Village Sweeping Festival, each villager in Sapa Vietnam will bring a chicken, a bowl of rice, incense, and wine to the village’s vacant lot to peck and perform the ceremony. Those who bring dogs, goats, pigs to contribute, the villagers will have to pay for that person for 1 day. On the day of the festival, the men of the village will bring the offerings to an empty field at the beginning of the village. The assigned people will slaughter chickens, pigs, goats and dogs together. The shamans holding a wooden sword, a blade of leaves, smeared on their faces, divided among the villages to perform rituals for the whole village. When entering people’s houses, the shaman pours a cup of wine and places it on the family’s altar, reading the names of the family members. After reading, the shaman held the wooden sword and danced all over the house. Then, a member of that family will hold the corn over their head to offer it.

When the offerings were made in Sapa Vietnam, the goats, pigs, and dogs were placed in a symbolic tray, surrounded by rice bowls of families. The shaman presented 8 pairs of chopsticks, 8 bowls, and 8 cups of wine, the shaman sat in line in front of the ceremony tray and began to make vows. In the end, everyone will enjoy eating together. The food you offer to ghosts must be eaten or not brought into the village. When you see the offering, take a bamboo branch and stick it around the field, then plug the dog’s tail and ears into the ground so that ghosts do not enter the village to harm people. After that, the shaman will light a bonfire for people to walk over to return home.

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