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When the epidemic hit, the group stirred up news of the disease, sharing how to prevent it. Moving close to each house, stringing some roads in Tho Ha ancient village, the group is full of words of encouragement and sharing the worries of the people. The regional police officer, the head of the neighborhood group reminded and reassured people with words of gratitude along with daily updates.

When Tho Ha ancient village is separated according to Directive 16, goods are scarce, the group is a place where people share each bag of vegetables, shopping addresses, health advice, information about testing, vaccination …When the city fell seriously ill, the ambulance sirens all day sounded on roads along with the images of hardships of the patients in the isolation ward, the doctors and the groups of my neighborhood. become an address for charity and charity donations.

Yesterday, the leader of the residential group briefly announced on the group “Currently calling for rice support for poor households in the village and some surrounding villages, please support. We will donate 1 ton of rice.” Just like that, Tho Ha ancient village was buzzing with money transfers. Effective money transfer orders were sent to the neighborhood leader in a row, along with encouraging exchanges: “Dear friends, let’s work hard, get 16 million, get 20 million… Let’s spread the love everyone”.

Never before has the donation been so exciting, so voluntary, and so quick.

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