Village feeling

In my mind, there are always the silhouette of a river, a road, a childhood home with a lot of happy and sad memories. It is the countryside, the Tho Ha ancient village with so much and deep nostalgia.

Therefore, every time I return to visit Tho Ha ancient village, I suddenly wake up with a heart-wrenching song: “Over half of my life drifting / I come back to embrace the country river / Oh the river is as abundant as a mother’s heart / Protect me from the lightning and the rain…”. That song is anchored in the depths of anxiety, both as an experience with the homeland, as well as a little pity of an alien child when he returns to the place where the umbilical cord is buried.

Childhood memories in Tho Ha ancient village suddenly rushed back, filled with nostalgia. Remembering a difficult childhood but clear memories, stored and carried for a lifetime. Remember the beatings of parents because we were busy playing and truanting from school; wild games smeared with mud, burning hair when swimming in the middle of summer, bathing in the river, catching fish; I remember the times when we stole guava and grapefruit from my neighbors, and then I was scolded… The smell of the countryside was mixed into the image of worn shoulders and calloused feet of my parents.

In my hometown, Tho Ha ancient village, the villagers often invite each other with a bowl of green tea every morning and evening as an excuse to ask about each other, share daily stories, without beginning or end. Therefore, even if there is a collision, it is easy to ignore each other. The death anniversary or marriage, funeral of one family also becomes the responsibility of another, helping each other with the thousand-year-old habit of “selling distant brothers, buying near neighbors”.

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