Van Lam Lace Embroidery Village – Keeping the Vietnamese soul in every stitch

In the midst of modern life, few people expect that in the village of Ren Van Lam Embroidery, artisans are still meticulous day and night with each needle. Those people, they embroider to preserve the traditional beauty of their forefathers, in order to bring to friends from all over the world works made from ‘small but mighty’ lace. Then, despite the passing of time, they are still there, persistent and diligent over the years, mainly so that the younger generation later has something to realize that their country still has special traditional jobs…

Located right next to the complex of landscapes, cultural and natural heritages of the world such as Tam Coc Ninh Binh, Van Lam village is one of the rare places that still preserves the soul of traditional embroidery and embroidery. famous throughout the country. Currently, through the historical relics still existing throughout the village campus, people can easily recognize that embroidery appeared in this land more than 700 years ago. Previously, Van Lam village was a place specializing in embroidery of all kinds of costumes, such as pants, shirts, hats of sacrifices, ashtrays, umbrellas, medical subjects, to serve the rituals and rituals of the cultural and spiritual life of the people. feudal dynasties of our country.

There are many different anecdotes and legends about the history of the profession in  Van Lam village near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. However, according to the village elders, the village’s embroidery craft appeared very early, specifically from the Tran Dynasty. Previously, when my king of the Tran dynasty withdrew strategically from Thang Long to Ninh Binh in the resistance war against the Mongol invaders for the second time, Linh from the mother of Tran Thi Dung, the wife of Thai monk Tran Thu Do, gave the The palace maids taught the local people the royal embroidery craft. It is this anecdote that has always been a glorious and proud proof of the people about their embroidery craft. Although there is no written document or any ordination of the kings of the previous dynasties to mention the process of forming embroidery or those who have merit to teach, they are still proud of the origin of the profession they have attached. throughout the years. Therefore, when the people here talk about the profession that has always been their ‘fishing rod’, they all express their full gratitude and respect, especially for the ancestors who have had great merit. profession in the past.

In addition, there is an important event associated with Van Lam Lace Embroidery Village so that whenever it is mentioned, people can always tell it clearly. In 1910 under the French domination, it was the two great-grandmothers Dinh Ngoc Henh and Dinh Ngoc Xoan, who were from Van Lam village near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, who went all the way to Hanoi to learn French embroidery. After learning the profession, the two old men returned to teach the people. Since that time, this small village has really entered a new stage, with embroidery and embroidery has been continuously developed by people with a variety of products, designs and new production methods, in order to meet the needs of the times.

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