Value of Thung Nang natural landscape

As the name suggests, Thung Nang is full of sunshine, the sun shines everywhere, through the branches and leaves, through the rustic roofs of the people working in coastal agriculture, all the way down to the bottom of the water to create a brilliant and peaceful scene. vase like watercolor painting. Coming to Thung Nang, we can feel, experience the wild, lyrical, and experience the unique values of typical biodiversity, those wonderful and rare things in the natural landscape, in the cultural space and in addition to the diverse flora and fauna both on land and in the water, typically this is the home of many pythons, snakes, birds, among which the majority of birds are starlings and starlings. Khuong (according to locals, most of Ninh Binh’s babblers are concentrated in this area) and especially we can see a herd of nearly a hundred monkeys if we come here in the late afternoon.

From Thach Bich wharf near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, sitting on small boats along with boatmen who are sincere, pure and friendly locals, we go along the 2.6km-long Temple Voi river to visit Thung Nang route (along the river). On the river, the boat takes us lightly through the tall mountains, past the green trees, on both sides of the river are reeds and sedges, below is the cool blue water reflecting the reflection of the water. Unique birth and schools of fish swimming around, we can also admire countless shapes of rocky mountains, local people also call the river sections on the tourist route to sound very cute with their own stories. revolves around the interesting names that the locals give to each mountain and river section here such as: 500m through Nha Than Mountain to meet the pig mountain, on the top of the mountain there is a large rock shaped like a pig, so people in the area called Con Lon mountain, through the Pig junction, you will reach Tam Son area, which is a flat valley around and surrounded by mountains. There are three large mountains in the middle of the valley named Gia Dinh mountain, Dau Cau mountain and Hang Ruu mountain near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. These three mountains, together with Con Lon mountain and Tam Xang mountain, all face Bich Dong pagoda mountain to form a lotus flower with 5 petals. From here follow the river called Snake, the river meanders like a snake to Ca Mang strait because the mountain on the right looks like a Mang fish, on the other side of the river is Hom cave (in Hom book mountain). The cave door is square like a hom that opens the lid to both sides. Continue cruising 500m to Dong To dam, in front is Toad mountain, a mountain shaped like a sitting toad.

From Voi temple near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, get on the boat in the west to the confluence of Dong To river mouth, in the left direction is Co Hac mountain range, on the right hand is Dong Dang mountain range, through Dong Dang is Quan Cong mountain, opposite Quan Cong mountain is Hon Da. Dun, the square and straight corners of Hon Da Dun are opposite the curved and soft lines at the foot of District Cong mountain, also known as Trang mountain, creating a magical scene of nature, here is the mouth of Thong cave, Boats take visitors to Thong cave (Thong cave is 200m long, the cave is wide and cool, many natural stalactites, 200m long stalactites in the cave with many wonderful shapes, Thong cave is the point connecting the Nang valley to the Ram valley. The other side of Thong cave is a large lake, here often live betel nut, fish live in schools and have a strangely delicious taste that anyone who has enjoyed it will not forget. of Thong cave is Thung Nang temple near Tam Coc Ninh Binh


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