Vai Gioi Cave

Vai Gioi cave is considered the largest cave of Thung Nham a way from Tam Coc Ninh Binh 5 km. To reach the cave, visitors need to pass 439 stone steps, the scenery on both sides of the road is quite beautiful and wild. Vai Gioi cave is about 5000m2 wide with 3 floors containing many magical shimmering stalagmites. It is said that here the ancients built an altar to God to pray for favorable weather and good harvest.

Vai Gioi cave together with Van Trinh cave, Thien Ha cave are beautiful caves near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. After climbing to the cave entrance, visitors begin to explore Vai Gioi cave with cool air penetrating right into the body and following the worn stone steps imprinted with human footprints to descend to the hell floor with stalactites and stones. with a very unique shape, it is imagined that the scene of Pluto sit and judge the crime, the mirror reflects the earthly crimes of those who do bad deeds, and then the 18 floors of hell with mountains of knives, sea of fire… Right at the main entrance of the cave. From here, visitors will go through 88 craggy steps to reach paradise, where there are many stalactites and boulders symbolizing nirvana, bodhisattva, heaven..

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