Unique walls built with pieces of pottery in the ancient village of Tho Ha

Visiting Tho Ha pottery village, tourists still encounter many ancient relics still preserved. The ancient relics are imbued with the value of traditional Vietnamese cultural identity. The solid structures are built with baked bricks and unglazed earthenware. Traces of time have passed for many years, but Tho Ha ancient village still retains its ancient and valuable architecture.

Going deep into Tho Ha village, the nostalgia of an old time is even more evident. An ancient, rustic village with winding alleys. Walking along the attractive alleys, visitors encounter the red color of the old bricks around. The walls are still intact with pieces of old wood. The ceramic soul seems to remain forever despite the cruel steps of time.

In the 14th century, Tho Ha ancient village used to be one of the three most famous pottery centers of the Vietnamese along with the pottery villages of Phu Lang (Bac Ninh) and Bat Trang (Hanoi). The vestiges of the once-glossy pottery profession are still visible in the ancient alley walls and the house walls were built with broken pieces of pottery, without any lime and mortar, only using the mud of the Cau River to stick.

With its quiet ancient features, long cultural history and transformation in recent years, Tho Ha ancient village is a place that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to visit.

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