Unique traditional weaving of Dao Ho people

The Dao people live mainly in Bao Thang district near Sapa Vietnam. Dao people They have many unique and rich cultural features. In particular, the accessories and costumes of the Dao people must be sewn from the pieces of fabric they weave according to the process associated with absolute taboos… Residents in Tra Chu village, Son Ha commune, Bao Thang district (Lao Cai), mainly Dao Ho people. In addition to economic development, the Dao Ho people pay great attention to preserving the national cultural identity, especially traditional weaving.

For the Dao Ho people in Bao Thang district near Sapa Vietnam, clothes sewn from pieces of cloth they weave have an important meaning, used in special rituals of a person’s life such as weaving brocade blankets for the ceremony, hats and hats. Protecting children from evil spirits, carrying children when working… The handmade weaving of the Dao people, with many stages, requires meticulousness, so it requires patience and ingenuity from the couple. Only a woman’s hand can do it.

The man in the family will align and repair the loom. Although spinning, boiling, sizing, winding the yarn into batches, spinning the yarn and installing it on the loom takes a lot of time, it is not the most difficult thing, because the Dao people have absolute taboos on weaving. “When spinning the yarn, don’t say bad things, while spinning the yarn, don’t step over. This taboo from children to the elderly is known to everyone because it’s been like that ever since…”, Ms. Ha said. So.

Dao Women in the village in Bao Thang district near Sapa Vietnam never buy ready-made clothes from the market to wear; Because weaving, sewing, and embroidery also show that the woman is brave. Moreover, also because ready-made clothes bought in the market are not glued before weaving, so they are not suitable for traditional costumes, which quickly fade. Ly Thi Tay at an old age was rare, but whenever she had time, she worked diligently to weave new fabrics. Instead of using machines, Mr. Tay still uses perhaps the most rudimentary tools to spin yarn, spin yarn… His children and grandchildren are meticulously instructed by him, so that the members Now, everyone in the family can make their own costumes to wear during the holidays.

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