Unique Red Dao ethnic women’s costumes

The costumes of the Red Dao women in Sapa Vietnam have a distinct and unique color that is not mixed with any other ethnic group. With the sophistication in the way of dress, Red Dao women create their own unique features in the decoration of costumes. The traditional profession of sewing and embroidery has a long history associated with customs, practices and features. community cultural activities. It seems that any Red Dao woman knows how to thread, sew, and sew clothes for the whole family. From each generation to the next, the Red Dao girls about 10-12 years old have mastered embroidery and made their own costumes.

A special feature of the Red Dao ethnic women’s costumes in Sapa Vietnam is handmade through the skillful hands of the woman. Normally, a Red Dao woman’s costume takes 1-2 years to complete. An outfit consists of many different parts forming: Head scarf, silver ring, inner shirt, outerwear, cotton collar ring, belt, pants, decorative motifs hanging at the neck with 5 muscle color groups versions: red, black, white, yellow, blue, in which red and black are the two main colors. Because the Red Dao people believe that 2 colors bring luck, fullness and happiness.

The first and most recognizable detail in the costume of the Red Dao woman is the head scarf, also known as the “gouge”. For the Red Dao woman in Sapa Vietnam, the larger the head scarf, the more beautiful the woman’s beauty is shown, usually the “gouge” has a number of wraps of 30, when the woman over 15 years old starts team “destroy”. The outer ring of the “gorge” is decorated with hand-embroidered patterns of plants and flowers. These motifs are decorated on a rectangular cloth measuring 5 x 10 cm and are arranged alternately on a red fabric background. The inner loops are dyed and folded indigo fabric. The circles get bigger and bigger. Next is the inner shirt and outerwear, also known as “back ton” and “backward region”. “Lu ton” is a white shirt inside. Today, this white shirt is often bought in the market, while the traditional shirt in the past was sewn by hand on a woven fabric that has not been dyed indigo.

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