Unique Ngai Thau

In the last days of the year, the rhythm of life on Ngai Thau Thuong is busier than usual. From the 10th lunar month onwards, the H’mong people on Ma Cha Va mountain start the season of making houses. The sound of people laughing and talking and the sound of pounding pestle reverberated in the middle of the jungle. Learn more, I know that Ngai Thau Thuong is the tallest village, also the “youngest” village in Ngai Thau commune near Sapa Vietnam. The reason is because most of the families here are young couples, leaving the lower villages with cramped land to go to this “top of the sky” to build the future.

In the past, backpackers or photographers who went to Y Ty upland commune of Bat Xat district to hunt clouds, hunt snow, take pictures of terraced fields in the rainy season or harvest season could not help but come to Ngai Thau commune. Sometimes it is said to go to Y Ty, but the experience in Ngai Thau is the main thing. Indigenous people are proud that Ai Thau is “3 in 1”. The most beautiful Ngai Thau clouds, the heaviest snowfall, and the most beautiful Ngai Thau terraced fields. Ngai Thau commune has two regions, Upper and Lower. Ha area is located at provincial road 158, nearly 5 km from the center of Y Ty near Sapa Vietnam. This area is strongly impressed by the terraced fields of the H’Mong people. The terraced fields are beautiful in any season. In the pouring season, on sunny days, the whole valley looks like silver, sparkling from halfway up the mountain to the foot of the mountain. In the harvest season, plot after plot, step by step, endlessly a warm yellow color.

Coming to the Ngai Thau Ha area is relatively easy, to get up to the Upper area, you have to pass nearly ten kilometers of rocky roads spiraling through many mountains. If, Ngai Thau Ha makes a strong impression with the steps and colorful colors of the terraced fields, while Ngai Thau Thuong is fanciful by the early morning dawns through the dense sea of clouds to illuminate all the villages. H’Mong along the mountainside. Life in Ngai Thau Thuong is peaceful. Every morning, the elderly stay at home to look after children or do errands in front of old houses. Adults go to terraced fields to pour water or plow. The children carried baskets and herds of goats into the forest to graze. This season, along the mountain roads, fences or in the garden of the H’Mong people are green with rows of peach and plum trees.

The road to the upper Ngai Thau near Sapa Vietnam is now very beautiful, the Party and State are interested, the village is invested 7 km. The new rural concrete road is very beautiful and convenient for people to travel, especially in rainy and windy times. It is also easier for backpackers to hunt clouds by car or motorbike. Perhaps, every Tet season, the people of Ngai Thau Thuong cut down peach branches to sell to the people below, so every spring on the two sides of the road to the village, close to the houses, there are many rows of peach trees blooming red, a beautiful road. very poetic, want to watch forever but don’t want to return, after the season the peaches come out in full bloom…

The residents of Ngai Thau are sincere, friendly, enthusiastic and hospitable. Almost every house we enter, we feel the warmth and joy from the elderly to the children. Although Ngai Thau Thuong is not as famous as many other regions, but with its unique characteristics of climate, natural beauties and the rustic, friendly and hospitable residents, it is certain that in a day not far, This place will be a place that attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists…

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