Unique naming custom of Giay people in Sapa

Like the ethnic minority community in Vietnam, the Giay people in Sapa Vietnam have life cycle rituals for each person from birth to death. That shows that the ethnic people also respect people very much, each human being is born with a certain cycle of birth and death. The naming ceremony for Giay children must be witnessed by both paternal and maternal families. Offerings include pork, chicken, duck, incense, flowers, etc. After the food is cooked and the offerings are almost finished, the naming ceremony for the children begins.

First in Sapa Vietnam, grandparents or aunts carry the child to the altar to present to the ancestors. At mealtime, the child’s parents brought out a tray containing 8 cups of colored wine, 1 bowl of incense, and 1 bowl of rice. On top of the rice bowl was an egg placed vertically. The child’s parents brought the tray to the tray of the elderly to find a beautiful name for the child. The oldest person will be invited to name the first child. He picked up a little rice and dropped it on the egg, if the grain of rice landed on the egg, the name he gave was accepted by the gods. If there are no grains of rice left, the ceremony tray is transferred to someone else to name, until a grain of rice lands on the egg, the child’s official name is officially approved. Everyone in the tray received red wine to drink and gave the children gifts such as bracelets, white silver coins or cash, cake gifts… and good luck.

During the naming ceremony for young children in in Sapa Vietnam, the grandmother’s family prepared slings and diapers to give to the grandchild. When giving gifts, the girl’s family sings about the process of making cotton land, weaving fabrics, sewing into slings to bring to grandchildren. I hope you eat well and grow up quickly, wish you good health. The grandmother’s house responded to thank her grandmother’s family for giving her a gift. This gift is placed on the altar along with the offering tray for the ancestors to witness that the child now has an official name.

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