Unique image of fairies on wood at Tho Ha communal house

Fairies carved in Tho Ha communal house appear quite a lot on the windboard and also appear on the decoration of incense panels placed in front of the harem. In terms of form, the art of shaping fairy carvings is very rich. Together with the fairies in the “fairy sky”, the Tho Ha communal house-carving artists created costumes and hair, each with a very vivid appearance.

In terms of portraits, the fairies have commonalities in costumes and poses. Round face, eyes, nose, mouth with healthy, fresh beauty. Big, long ears, big piercings. There are girls who wear long tear-shaped earrings that reach their shoulders. Most of the fairies in Tho Ha communal house are in a bun, with two-pack hair on their head, the upper body wears a bib, the lower body wears a loose skirt, with a silk band at the bottom of the chest. Two long, curved arms, as soft as bows. The hand is fanned out, the thumb is facing out, the other four fingers are open in the opposite direction, pointing directly at you. Wrists and ankles are worn with rings, feet are bare.

The array of fairies on the windboard and because the armpits show that they are all wearing simple plain bibs, without patterns. Bibs close to the body, rich in vitality but still delicate and discreet. Contrasting with the strong beauty of the carvings in the east of Tho Ha communal house are the delicate and graceful fairy carvings on the upper wind panels in the west of Tho Ha communal house. The fairy in front, behind, with her arms outstretched, leaning her head back, passionately dancing, riding a dragon to worship the phoenix

In general, the carvings of fairies in Tho Ha communal house are shaped flexible, graceful, delicate but still outstanding. The rich shaping layouts have created a unique and magical appearance for the carvings in this ancient communal house. Over 300 years, many fairy carvings in Tho Ha communal house are still preserved intact, proving a time when the nation’s art existed.

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