Unique dishes of the Tay people in Ban Ho commune

Coming to the Northwest highlands when it comes to cuisine, each region and each ethnic group has its own unique dishes with its own identity. But when you come to Ban Ho commune, Sapa Vietnam, and enjoy the dishes of the Tay ethnic group here, you will feel all the unique and unmatched features. The dishes of the people here are mainly natural products bestowed by the mountains and forests: forest vegetables, bamboo shoots, banana flowers, stream fish, sour leaves … combined with the skillful hands of the people here have prepared turns out unique dishes such as lam rice, seven-color sticky rice, banh chung, sour bamboo shoots cooked with duck, chicken, grilled stream fish…

We came to Ban Den village, Ban Ho commune quite early to see with our own eyes and participate in processing quite interesting and strange dishes. In the welcome meal of the Tay people in Ban Ho – Sapa Vietnam is very special and rich, there are many delicious dishes such as grilled fish, grilled pork, banana flower salad, duck meat cooked with sour bamboo shoots, sticky rice 7 Colored rice cakes, banh chung, rice lam … The dishes that have been mentioned are attractive, but to be processed, the most elaborate is the 7-color sticky rice dish. Raw materials for coloring evenly from the bark or leaves of forest trees, boiled with colored water, mixed with glutinous rice, then steamed with wooden sticks to create a culinary picture with 7 colors: white, red, purple, blue, yellow , gray, light purple and wrapped with forest leaves, giving off a delicious, flexible and extremely attractive flavor during the holidays or welcoming guests.

For the Tay Sapa Vietnam in the traditional tray, there is always a simple, unique and indispensable dish, which is fried chicken intestines with flowers and papaya leaves. The main ingredients are chicken intestines, flowers and young papaya leaves, green peppers, with a fairly simple way of cooking, chili is fried first with fat, followed by chicken intestines when almost cooked, seasoning and then adding flowers. and finely chopped papaya leaves stir well. The taste of this dish is a bit spicy, a bit bitter on the tongue, but after eating, it feels sweet in the throat, especially this dish also has anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects and is very suitable in cold days. …Although not luxurious and sophisticated, this dish of the Tay people is an indispensable concept in the holidays and occasions when welcoming guests

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