Unique buffalo market in Sin Chéng

Not only a place of trading and trading, Sin Cheng buffalo market is also a place to keep the unique cultural values of the ethnic minorities in the top part of the country. Meeting every Wednesday morning, Sin Cheng fair (Sin Cheng commune, Si Ma Cai district, near Sapa Vietnam) is a unique market in the top regions of the country. This is also the place where the buffalo market is quite large in the area.

The buffalo market is held on a large field the size of a stadium, next to the Sin Cheng market near Sapa Vietnam. Despite the cold and rainy weather, from early morning buffalo traders flocked here in large numbers. The number of buffaloes traded in the market is up to a hundred, mainly male buffalo. Compared with the female buffalo, the male buffalo has a larger body and better pulling power. Buffalo buyers see and bid with buffalo owners on the spot. Good buffaloes cost up to hundreds of millions of dong. Buyers and sellers in the buffalo market are mainly H’Mong ethnic people and some ethnic brothers. In addition to local people, there are many traders who come from far away to buy buffalo.

The transaction value of each buffalo market is up to billions of dong. Thanks to the buffalo market, the lives of people in Sin Cheng commune near Sapa Vietnam are more prosperous. Not only of economic importance, this special market is also a place to preserve the unique cultural values of the ethnic minorities in the first part of the country. For visitors from the lowlands, Sin Chéng buffalo market is an extremely interesting place to visit, just experience it once and you will never forget it.

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