Under the celestial truss

Stepping into her yard in Tho Ha ancient village, I felt like I was lost in a green paradise. It’s not because she planted many trees, but because of the cool green trellis above, covering a corner of the yard. Seeing me dumbfoundedly looking up at the Thien Ly flower rig, she smiled, boasting that the Thien Ly rig has been planted for more than a year, thanks to him and his neighbor stretching the rope, the new rig has an ideal place to sit and relax. stories every afternoon. She said as she waved her hand to the side of the neighbor’s yard.

It was then that I suddenly realized, it seems that her home’s rig “has a last name” with the rig next door. Strictly speaking, there was only one truss stretched from one corner of the yard to the other. The two sides are only separated by an indifferent B40 mesh fence, while the lush natural trellis shade both houses. Under the trellis, she put a set of stone tables and chairs, we sat there and talked. The wind is gentle, fluttering the flowers and leaves on the truss. I suddenly remembered, once my mother’s old house in the countryside used to have a gantry outside the gate.

That day, my mother planted it mainly for beauty and shade for the little child and his friends to play in Tho Ha ancient village. Under that shade, we freely play games of passing, playing great games, eating mandarin umbrellas, playing goods… The money used to buy and sell in the game is the natural leaves, with the denomination we set according to our rules. green or yellow leaves, big or small leaves. We children imitated the offers and bids from adults like in a market.

Sometimes, bored with the wholesale game, we would play a game of dragons and snakes in the clouds or chase games. Just like that, the children’s laughter crunched along with each game. Unknowingly, I silently reread the old rhymes. She smiled and read with me. Sitting in the shade of the celestial rig in Tho Ha ancient village, I looked up. Clusters of green flowers sprouted from the leaf axils, trying to wriggle out of the heart-shaped dark green leaves. At this time, I noticed the sweet, gentle scent of this flower. The sound of flapping wings, the bee’s landing and flying in search of honey. And there, the green mantis mixed with the leaves on the trellis is swaying its head, raising its big, green, shiny claws forward… I suddenly realized, as long as we live slowly, calmly listen With the small sounds around you, you will see how lovely nature is and how mellow life is.

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