Tulips blooming on the Spring Festival opens the gates of heaven

Thousands of spring flowers blooming brightly, a bustling Northwest market with a variety of highland products and a flute dancing competition are the reasons to attract tourists to Fansipan in early 2023. Sun World Fansipan Legend is the gathering place Many of the best peach blossom varieties in Sapa Vietnam, with about 200 Japanese cherry trees, 100 Himalayan peach trees, 200 wild peach trees planted along the departure station area and the Countryside Market. On this occasion when coming to Fansipan, visitors cannot help but be overwhelmed by the thousands of tulips showing off their beauty like the European sky, stretching from the cable car station to the rattan yard. In the cloud yard at an altitude of over 2,000m, when covered with clouds, when the sun is shining, each cluster of bright orange and red flowers seems to complete a beautiful natural picture. Ms. Thu Trang – a Hanoi tourist expressed her impression of the wonderful spring scene on Fansipan peak. “From the moment I stepped into the gate of the tourist area, to the flower valley and up to the top of Fansipan, I felt like I was lost in a spring garden. I am especially impressed with the tulip bushes planted on the rattan yard, far away is the majestic scenery of Hoang Lien Son” – Ms. Thu Trang said.

Tourists and Buddhists traveling in the spring at Fansipan cannot help but be impressed by the grand Lotus scene, made from 9,999 stone lotus flowers and more than 7,000 living flowers and chrysanthemums. The pure and pure lotus flower is a symbol associated with Buddhism, so the Lotus grand scene is placed in the middle of the cloud yard – the starting place of the journey to worship Buddha and pray for peace at the Fansipan Spiritual Cultural Complex, bringing to feelings of serenity and peace. The grand scene was meticulously created by Fansipan’s landscape staff within 7 days and is expected to be on display until April 30. In spring, Sun World Fansipan Legend is also the focus of festivals and events, attracting visitors to attend. The Flower Festival and Heaven’s Gate Opening Spring Festival 2023 will continue until the end of February, recreating the traditional Northwest festival space and many meaningful spiritual activities for tourists. The highlight of this year’s Khen Hoa Festival is the Khen dancing competition of 9 Khen teams in Sapa Vietnam of many ages, contributing to reviving a cultural beauty that is at risk of disappearing in the region. land. After 2 rounds of competition, the 3 best teams will attend the final night of Khen Dance on February 4 at Sa Pa Tennis Court.

During the weekends, many troupes from Lai Chau, Ha Giang… will bring performances on Fansipan peak. The sound of the flute and the rhythmic dance seem to invite visitors to immerse themselves in the stream of highland culture. Mr. Giang A Chinh, Muong Hoa commune, Sapa Vietnam: “Ken dance is a beautiful tradition of the H’Mong people, so we have known it since we were young and we are very proud of it. In the past, the sound of the flute at the beginning of Spring was like an invitation to travel in the spring, expressing gratitude to the person you love, and today, the sound of the flute seems to only appear on important occasions such as weddings and funerals. In the mornings every morning, at the stage of the Khen Hoa Festival and the Spring Festival Opening Heaven Gate, there will be special performances by Lao Cai province’s art troupes such as Zen dance, Khen dance, traditional dances of the people of Lao Cai province. Knives in Tet Dance or dance with lions, monks, and dragons

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