Trekking in the forest to discover fresh waterfalls falling from the cliff

Ta Cu Ty Commune Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam not only has majestic rice fields but also a large forest area. Coming here, you can trek in the forest to discover the fresh waterfalls falling from the cliffs, breathe in the clear air, hear the birds chirping and find peace and balance for the soul.  In particular, Ta Cu Ty Bac Ha commune is also a land of many ancient Shan Tuyet tea. It is estimated that the commune has about 150 hectares of green tea, most of which are tea trees with hundreds of years old, growing in the forest or along the road to the villages in the commune. Tourists coming here can visit the tea forests to feel the difference of Shan Tuyet tea and other common teas.

One of the fascinating experiences when exploring this commune is hunting clouds. Not only in Sapa Vietnam has a beautiful sea of clouds, Ta Cu Ty also has a paradise of white clouds waiting for you to discover. Coming here, you can wake up early to see an ocean of pure white clouds covering mountains and valleys. Even in the afternoon, when following the steep pass roads, visitors also encounter a beautiful sea of white clouds appearing in front of them.

In addition to the above activities in Ta Cu Ty Commune Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam, visitors can also roam around the villages in the commune to learn about the lives of the people here. The lives of people in the highlands are very different from those in the lowlands, so when you come to this commune, you need to keep an attitude of respecting the culture of the indigenous people. In addition, if you have any questions about this commune, you can ask the local people.

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