Traveling to Sapa to enjoy fresh vegetables from cold countries

The first specialty vegetable that we must definitely enjoy when traveling to Sapa Vietnam is this chayote, this is an extremely famous dish in Sapa that everyone who comes here wants to taste and see how it tastes. . Vegetables are available everywhere, but the tops of vegetables grown in the northern mountains and forests will taste better. Su Su is planted on the side of the mountains and slopes along O Quy Ho road to the center of Sapa. Sapa chayote is very crispy, sweet and fragrant than the tops of chayote grown in other places. Traveling to Sapa, don’t forget to order Su Su stir-fried with garlic, which is absolutely delicious.

Sour vegetables are also one of the familiar Sapa Vietnam specialty vegetables in the daily meals of the locals here. This is a typical vegetable dish of Sapa people, when eating the leaves, it has a sour and cool taste, and after eating, it has a sweet taste. Sapa sour vegetables are often served with fatty dishes to reduce the feeling of being fed up when eating such as boiled bacon, roast meat, pork intestines… Traveling to Sapa, you will find sour vegetables often used in those grilled food stalls

Spinach is also one of the famous Sapa Vietnam specialty vegetables. Spinach is an old vegetable with a flowering stem. There are many types of spinach in Sapa, such as kohlrabi, chayote, and garlic. Gooseberries are often stir-fried with garlic and meat, not boiled or cooked in soup. When eaten, it has a sweet taste at the top, a strong sweetness at the top mixed with a very strange light bitter taste. Traveling to Sapa, you can also buy this vegetable as a gift and enjoy it with your family

Cabbage is also a very clean vegetable, with strong vitality in Sapa Vietnam, which can grow on many mountainous terrains despite being very bad. In particular, the tree has good resistance to pests and diseases, which is considered the main meal of the people in the highlands of Sapa. Meo cabbage looks like sweet cabbage in the lowlands, with long dark green leaves, the edges of the leaves are curved like serrations, belonging to the family of sheath vegetables. This is a special vegetable bestowed by nature to the people of Sapa.

This Sapa specialty vegetable is often processed with many dishes such as: stir-fried, cooked, boiled or used to eat hot pot. Sapa mustard greens can be cooked with minced chicken and add ginger, both with the sweet taste of chicken and with the cool, dark sweetness of vegetables. Cabbage is especially delicious when stir-fried with beef, smoked meat with the crunchy taste of vegetables mixed with the delicious taste of Northwest bush meat. Traveling to Sapa, you should definitely try it right away.

Green peas are quite rare, grown and grown in trellises, the tops are very small but soft with light green color but young in Sapa Vietnam. This Sapa specialty vegetable is often used to cook soup with minced meat, bones … or simply cook it but it’s extremely sweet. Traveling to Sapa, if you can enjoy the food from this vegetable, it will definitely be a trip to fully explore this land.

Vegetables have a slightly bitter sweet taste and characteristic aroma and are a specialty of restaurants in Lao Cai. Sapa root vegetables are usually cooked with bone broth or minced meat. When first eaten, this Sapa Vietnam specialty vegetable will make you feel a bit bitter at the tip of your tongue, but after that, it has a sweet taste that lingers, making the eater not bored. In particular, this is a very good vegetable for the health of women and children, and is a very effective remedy for drunkenness.



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