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Feel the wildness of nature, enjoy cold-water fish specialties… Visitors will have impressive experiences when visiting a salmon farm in Ban Khoang commune in Sapa Vietnam. Mr. Nguyen Van Luy, who Longtime cold-water fish farming in Ban Khoang commune is completing a unique homestay to welcome guests this summer. Mr. Luy said that so far, many tourists wanted to enjoy salmon specialties right at the farm, but he had to miss the appointment for many reasons. After much deliberation, Mr. Luy recently decided to build this homestay to combine cold-water fish farming with tourism.

Ban Khoang commune is considered the “capital” of cold-water fish of Sapa Vietnam because of its unique natural conditions suitable for this fastidious fish. In fact, this place is also gathering the largest salmon and sturgeon farms in the district. Going to Ban Khoang to visit the salmon farm, visitors can witness first-hand the “engineers” of farmers who learn and master techniques to successfully raise the “princess fish”. In terms of topography and architecture, each farm is a special construction on the sloping mountain back to ensure a year-round cool water source and a constant flow of water between the terraced ponds, creating an oxygen source for the species. fish from Europe.

In Ban Khoang, cold-water fish farms are concentrated mainly in Can Ho A, Can Ho B, Can Ho Mong and Phin Ho villages commune in Sapa Vietnam. After a relaxing moment watching the fish swim in the clear water, visitors can continue on the concrete roads down to visit villages and villages to immerse themselves in the colorful cultural life of the Northwest highlands.

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