Traditional occupation in the tourist village of the Red Dao people in Sapa

Traditional silver carving is also a long-standing profession of the Dao in Sapa Vietnam. In the past, silver carving was mainly used to create jewelry sets, decorative accessories on traditional clothes of the Dao people, or white silver coins. Silver carving also requires feats, meticulousness as well as experience passed down through generations. From the stages of silver selection, silver firing are done by experienced people. The carving is also done entirely by hand, requiring time and meticulousness from talented hands to create delicate patterns and sharp shapes.

Each carved motif and pattern has meaning related to the daily life of the Dao. According to traditional experience, after carving, the Dao people will use a forest tree to coat the silver to create a bright and perfect whiteness for the product. The Dao people in Sapa Vietnam who still preserve and develop the traditional silver carving profession have created many product models with innovative motifs and eye-catching designs to sell to tourists. They only use pure silver to preserve the prestige of their traditional craft.

Coming to the Red Dao village in Sapa Vietnam, it is impossible not to mention the traditional embroidery craft, which is still maintained by hardworking and industrious women. The image of Red Dao women in traditional costumes glowing red throughout the village. To create a perfect traditional outfit for herself, each woman takes time up to a whole year. The traditional costume of the Dao people is made up of 4 main colors: red, white, black and yellow, which are completely hand-embroidered on linen.

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