Tra River goby in Vietnamese cuisine

When it comes to Quang Ngai, you think of Song Tra. Indeed, what does Tra River have that impress you so much? That is a question with only one answer. For a long time, Tra river goby has been considered an indispensable dish in the meals of Quang Ngai people. Especially in cold weather, goby dish in Vietnamese cuisine becomes very special. The taste is both mildly spicy, both the sweetness of the fish, and the fatty taste of the oil when it’s dry, no matter how much rice you eat, it’s not enough.

That’s why braised goby in Tra River became famous since then. After that, every occasion when relatives from different regions visit Quang Ngai, they will be given some braised goby fish in Vietnamese cuisine ready to eat.

There are many types of sand goby in Tra River, from small, light yellow, little finger-sized gobies to large, large goby, and grouper with dark purple body like sea grouper. (also called coal goby) mushy meat. Goby cleaned, marinated with delicious fish sauce, pepper, colored water… for about ten minutes. Then add delicious fish sauce to the cauldron (cooking pot) so that it is just right and cook it until it’s cooked.

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