Timestamp in Tho Ha

Traditional architectural works are bearing the imprint of an original Northern village such as Banyan tree, well, communal yard. All have been registered as cultural heritage at the national level. The heritages converge here and then seep into each seam of soil, water source, save and spread in the life and soul of every Tho Ha people.

Small alleys, herringbone roads are all neat and straight. Banyan trees, wharf, communal house roof and beautiful mossy old houses have attracted many visitors. In the past, pottery in Tho Ha used to stand shoulder to shoulder with famous ceramic centers such as Phu Lang and Bat Trang.

Remnants of the once-glossy pottery profession are still visible in the ancient walls, many houses are built entirely of broken pieces of Tho Ha pottery or scrap pottery, not using any lime and mortar, only using Cau river mud to finish. Sticky but still quiet, durable through sun and rain, months and days.

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