Thuong Temple in Lao Cai

Thuong Temple was established in the Le Dynasty on the way to Sapa Vietnam, the reign of Chinh Hoa (1680 – 1705). It is the place to worship the abstinent Quoc Cong, Hung Dao Vuong – Tran Quoc Tuan, who has made great contributions to his reputation and career, ensuring the country’s borders. A great historical celebrity, a sacred and precious saint in the minds of all generations of Vietnamese people. Located on Hoa Hieu hill in Mai Linh mountain range with a height of 1200m if at sea level.

Thuong Temple was established in the style of ancient design in the shape of the letter Cong (I), following the feng shui theory that is both majestic and very serious. The area of Thuong temple has a charming natural landscape with a harmonious combination of traditional design style with local traditional culture, giving the temple a majestic appearance the way to Sapa Vietnam.

Looking at himself by the Nam Thi river the way to Sapa Vietnam, this location used to have a very important position in the defense plan against the invaders. Today, near the trading gateway between the two provinces of Lao Cai (Vietnam) and Yunnan (China), the sacred land This first location of the country welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign tourists to visit each year. visit and commemorate the national hero.

Right from the moment you walk to the temple gate, tourists can admire the beauty of the 300-year-old banyan tree spreading its branches, under the shadow of the ancient tree is the shrine to worship Ba Chua Thuong Ngan (The Queen of the Green Forest). Legend has it that, during the resistance war against foreign invaders, she contributed to fighting the enemy to secure the southern border. In gratitude to her, the people built a shrine right under the dense banyan tree.

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