Thung Nham – Where white cranes fly back

Thung Nham belongs to Ninh Hai commune near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. Twenty years ago this place was still a valley filled with weeds and reeds. Perhaps because of this wildness, plus the good land, the birds fly back to roost, gradually becoming a large bird garden with an area of nearly 350 hectares, including 19 hectares of primary forest. While waiting for the birds to return to their nests, we went to the orchard planted on the hill of Thung Nham tourist area with fruit all year round to serve tourists, depending on each season, depending on each person’s preferences, to visit the trees. After thousands of years, the hundred-year-old banyan tree enters the primeval forest and aquaculture area.

The most appropriate time to visit the bird garden near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is in the morning and late afternoon, when the birds start to forage or fly back to their nests, visitors can discover the interesting things in the wild life of birds. The bird valley currently has nearly 50 resident bird species, with the number reaching up to tens of thousands of birds, from egrets, storks, teal, teal, bunting, comb, starling, warbler… Among them are a number of species. rare birds such as white crane, ground phoenix…

In the morning, white storks often play at Ho Tien, in front of a thousand-year-old banyan tree. Sunset is the time when the bird garden is most crowded and bustling, with birds flying from all directions to find a place to sleep and perch on the entire forest. The whole area saw only the white color of birds perched on the base of the indigo tree like snowflakes in the forest. Every now and then, a swarm would soar into the air, circling around, causing the space around it to move. The later it gets, the clearer the sound of the cauldron calling the herd, along with the harmony of the frogs in the forest, makes the surrounding space become fun and lively. In the evening, you can stay in the stilt house of Thung Nham Tourist Area near Tam Coc Ninh Binh to fish, light a campfire, and enjoy rustic and country cuisine, then continue early the next morning to the bird garden or mountain climbing.

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