Tho Ha village’s banyan tree

For a long time, the banyan tree, the riverside, and the communal house have become the symbols for Tho Ha ancient village. The banyan tree is always the biggest tree in the village, even in the region with wide, green foliage. its side roots sway, sometimes clinging to the ground to become another tree.

In the past, the cultivation of banyan tree in Tho Ha was also very important. Because planting banyan trees is for the gods to have a place to live, people to have a place to rest, so planting banyan is considered a meritorious work like building a bridge or build a temple. Planting banyan trees is a blessing, to accumulate good, so there is a custom for those who are barren to have children, often planting banyan trees to pray for themselves.

In Tho Ha village, the banyan tree is like a landmark for those who live far from Tho Ha village to know where their village is. Simply because it is the tallest tree in the village. The old people in the village often say: since childhood, they used to play under the banyan tree, the canopy covered the whole roof of the house, covering the whole lake. The ancient banyan tree gives shade to overcome harsh disasters, experiences social ups and downs for the soul of the country to take refuge, so that people who are far away know to come back…

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