Tho Ha Village – The sleeping old town of Kinh Bac countryside

Going north to the east, there are midlands with small rivers, humble villages hidden behind mountains. It’s Tho Ha ancient village. There, mountains and rivers harmonize, fields of fairy tales and mountains carry legends. Kinh Bac town, or the region of Quan Ho? The names inspired us to step foot here one day. “The Cau River flows freely” has entered the familiar verse of the Kinh Bac region. This river has deposited fertile alluvium for a strip of plains to form rich villages stretching along the flow of history.

Known as a pottery village with a history dating back to the 14th century, in recent years, it has become known for making rice paper rolls and rice noodles. The most prominent is the cluster of communal houses and pagodas dating back more than 400 years. Tho Ha communal house with dark brown tile roof over time is a famous communal house of Kinh Bac, a typical feature of Vietnamese carving art. The communal house and the village pagoda are both classified as national historical and cultural relics.

Over time, Tho Ha village has remained hidden behind the noisy traffic of the streets and still retains many old houses that represent the ancient house architecture of the Northern Delta. In the village, there are many old ceramic walls imprinted with an ancient traditional pottery village and 22 ancient houses dating back nearly 300 years, attracting many young people and foreign tourists to visit and learn.

Tho Ha village is more than 30 km from the center of Hanoi, passing through Bac Ninh city, going to the wharf, you can still see the scene on the banyan tree wharf, under the familiar bustling boat for many years. Here, visitors can take pictures of the countryside, see firsthand the stages of making rice paper, rice noodles and buy it as a warm gift of the countryside.


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