Tho Ha village is full of Vietnamese colors

Ancient features carved into the shape of the countryside from the narrow alleyway to the banyan tree, water wharf, communal yard. All of them exude an old, mossy and captivating charm. We will be overwhelmed in front of the village gate with beautiful, superficial and ancient architecture, which is one of the most beautiful gates in the Cau River region. This is also a part of the flesh and blood in the heart of every person in Tho Ha ancient village.

Unlike many Vietnamese villages, experiencing the ups and downs of history and the ravages of time, Tho Ha ancient village still shows up with all the ancient and mossy features. The unique architecture and cultural activities of the village have a strong attraction to domestic and foreign tourists.

Due to the characteristics of the three-sided village bordering the immense river, the people of Tho Ha ancient village do not cultivate agriculture but mainly live by traditional occupations. Tho Ha pottery is famous throughout Kinh Bac for its quality, firing technique, color and sophistication. The famous Pottery village of the ancient capital has been replaced by a rich craft village, famous for producing rice paper rolls and making rice noodles.

Goodbye Tho Ha ancient village with so much love and longing. Listen to the lullaby of your mother in your heart. Listen to the soul of Vietnamese land embracing each alley and moss-covered roof – find the countryside with all its warmth and tenderness.

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