Tho Ha village in the top 5 most attractive ancient villages

Hidden behind the bustle and noise of the city, Tho Ha village is a familiar destination for nostalgic souls who love peace. Also the banyan tree, the water wharf, the roof of the communal house over the years is still almost intact; The alleys are narrow but warm with the love of Tho Ha village, all of which are living existences of the past.

In the foggy table of the cold autumn weather, in the warm space like in fairy tales from ancient times, the melancholy beauty resembles the inherent colors of the communal houses and the old houses; but not gloomy, but strangely manic. Tho Ha exists to this day as a typical museum about the countryside of the North, also partly because of the isolation of the village because to come here, you have to take a boat or ferry across the river.

Visitors will feel lost in a quiet space filled with the green color of banyan trees. The warm rays of sunlight through the canopy of hundreds of years old trees create a simple but very peaceful scene. Not bearing the busy, noisy, touristic, and crafty look like many other ancient villages, Tho Ha still retains its peaceful, deserted, rural soul like a distant past. Not only Tho Ha village gate, the houses with ancient architecture still exist proudly as the clearest proof of the glorious history of the historical land.

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