Tho Ha village gate – flesh and blood in the hearts of expatriates

Tho Ha ancient village‘s bearing the imprint of time, where every childhood movie is kept, the small hamlets on the walls are peeling off mortar, the shadow of corn trees peeking behind the tall areca trees, the empty streets. It seems that the familiar image has gradually disappeared… every small corner contains indelible memories in every Vietnamese.

Over hundreds of years, the gate of Tho Ha village still retains its own beauty, not merely an architecture, it is the soul, a place to express the dreams and aspirations of the people. For Tho Ha people, the first time guests come to the house to play, the owner has to come out and greet them at the same gate. Guests returning, too, have to shake hands and pat guests on the shoulder at this gate.

Stepping through the gate is to enter a bold Northern space, an immense wharf with waves, an old banyan tree shading all year round, or an ancient mossy roof. No matter where they go, wherever they go, Tho Ha people are always proud of their village, about the gate with sweet, salty aftertaste, love of the countryside, love of the land.

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