Tho Ha Village – ancient, mossy and captivating

Tho Ha Village – ancient, mossy and captivating

Traces of the past linger on each stone, each patchy wall, the roof of the house, the well and the small market that makes visitors reminisce about the past. Tho Ha ancient village brings the typical beauty of a rural village in the North with boat docks, communal houses, ancient pagodas, craft villages and even the Cau River with flowing water, an endless source of creative inspiration of poetry and music.

Stepping through the Tho Ha ancient village gates, time here seems to slow down, the messages of the ancestors are passed on to posterity through the heritage, historical and cultural relics here.

Tho Ha ancient village is famous for its ancient architectures, from the houses to the village gates, all made of baked bricks and unglazed earthenware. The walls are tinged with time, creating a different, ancient, mossy and rich Tho Ha ancient village. Going deep into the village, the nostalgia of an old time is even more evident. An ancient, rustic village with winding alleys. Walking along the attractive alleys, visitors encounter the red color of the old bricks around. The walls still have intact pieces of ancient pottery. The ceramic soul seems to remain forever despite the cruel steps of time.

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