Tho Ha village – A separate ancient world

  Tho Ha ancient village has 3 sides bordering the river, people have no fields. For generations, the main source of living is handicrafts and small trade. Among those survival occupations, Tho Ha was once famous for its simple pottery making, close to the village people’s daily life. The flourishing of the pottery craft here once helped people build a complex of communal houses, pagodas, grandeur, majesty and many old houses, remnants of a craft village that was once aflame. ceramic.

Due to the ups and downs of time, the pottery profession gradually disappeared, but traces of the profession are still present in the old houses, along with the walls built by pieces of pottery and jars in Tho Ha ancient village. The walls are not plastered, baked tiles are stacked in layers, layers, creating a unique look in the architecture

The roads in Tho Ha ancient village are narrow and are paved with traditional red bricks that have been worn down by time. The houses are close together, the roof tiles are tinged with moss. Entering the small alley, visitors feel like they are walking in the space of an oil painting with the typical tones of long-standing bricks and a very old architecture.

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