Tho Ha rice paper rolls

Referring to the traditional craft village at the end of the year, it is hard to ignore the name Tho Ha village. I don’t know exactly when the two phrases “Tho Ha” and “Banh Da” (rice paper cake) were so attached to each other.

From rice flour, in addition to the main product: rice paper rolls, people also produce rice noodles and large rice paper cake sprinkled with sesame. On the occasion of Tet, Tho Ha‘s rice paper rolls are not enough to meet the needs of the market. The best-selling cake period starts from September until the end of February next year. Tho Ha rice paper rolls have a cool, aromatic flavor, white color, fragrant and chewy, so not only is it reputable with domestic customers, but many agent owners have come to sign contracts to export to Taiwan, Korea, Japan where this dish is very popular.

Tho Ha rice paper cake is famous for its delicious taste because of carefully selected ingredients and skillful seasoning. The batches of crispy yellow rice paper cake, when eaten, have the aroma of sesame, peanuts, and fat of grated coconut. They are very harmonious and full of flavor that has made the reputation of Tho Ha craft village for a long time. Except from being famous for flavor because of carefully selected ingredients and skillful seasoning, the process of making rice paper cake is the secret that makes the name of rice paper cake here.

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