Tho Ha rice paper rolls village is busy in the Tet season

On this occasion, people making rice paper rolls in Tho Ha ancient village, Bac Giang province are bustling again during the Tet season.

Tho Ha ancient village is famous for its pottery making, but when the introduction of plastic household items made the pottery profession suffer, many people gave up pottery, then gradually switched to making rice paper rolls.

Today, the small alleys covered with rice paper are also considered a “specialty” of Tho Ha ancient village. Rice paper roll is made with many stages, starting from soaking rice, grinding flour, coating the cake, drying the cake, cutting the cake. To have a perfect batch of rice paper, every day Tho Ha people have to get up at three in the morning.

At this time, throughout the village, the families that make rice spring rolls here also start the first steps to make the rice paper rolls.

The first step is to grind the rice to make flour. Rice flour is not too picky, just choose Khang Dan rice, but soak it long enough and grind it finely so that the flour has a standard glue. The next step is coating the cake. After pouring the flour into the machine, the worker places the bamboo fins on the upper part of the machine, the dough will be automatically spread evenly, the high temperature steam will cook the dough, forming a thin, even and white cake. .

Tho Ha village has 301 families making rice paper rolls. On weekdays, on average, each family makes about 3,000 rice paper rolls/day, but in the month of Tet, it increases to 5000 pieces. Calculated, in the month of Tet, the whole village of Tho Ha makes about 150,000 rice paper rolls per day.

Unlike other regions, Tho Ha rice paper rolls have created their own brand because of the characteristics, the cake is white, soft and flexible. When you open the bag, you can see that the rice is still fragrant and tough, but not fragile like many other rice paper roll types. When rolled fried spring rolls, the crust is crispy and golden, very attractive.

With its own unique flavor, nowsaday Tho Ha rice paper rolls are not only popular in the domestic market but also exported to countries such as Korea, Japan…

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