Tho Ha rice paper cake – A rustic gift of Vietnamese people

If you have come to Tho Ha, you will never forget the image of the long lined cakes in the golden sunlight. The sesame and coconut rice cakes are arranged horizontally and vertically on the roof to create beautiful roofs. Drying rice paper is also an art so that the cake is not too crispy and does not break when arranged

Making coconut rice paper takes a lot of effort from the selection of ingredients. The type of rice for making coconut rice cake must be delicious, white sesame is cleaned. Peanut is a large, mushy, old coconut with thick pulp and grind the flour very well. To create a crispy, spongy cake, the Tho Ha people add a little flour. Along with sesame, peanuts, and coconut, the rice cake here is fatter, greasy, and more attractive.

The aroma of coconut, along with the sweet taste of sugar, makes anyone unable to hold back. Bite a piece of crispy cake that melts in your mouth, eat it and want to eat more. With a few stories making you not want to leave Tho Ha.

Enjoying coconut rice cake, sipping a cup of cool green tea, you will feel the poetry of life. The fat of sesame, the flesh of coconut, add a sip of tea will see the sweetness in the throat that not all dishes can have.

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