Tho Ha Pottery Village: Remnants of the Golden Age

Speaking of Tho Ha ancient village, it is impossible not to mention pottery. It is not difficult to recognize the traces of the pottery profession that once “reigned” with pottery hidden on the roofs, walls, jars around the village. Pottery in Tho Ha ancient village has flourished since the 14th century. This is one of the three oldest centers of Vietnamese ceramics, next to Phu Lang and Bat Trang.

Thanks to the flourishing of pottery, from generation to generation, the people here have builtTho Ha ancient village into a pure Vietnamese village population with temples, pagodas and village gates with ancient and quiet architecture.

The ancient Tho Ha pottery did not use glaze, that magical plastic earth was fired until the glaze itself melted, clinging to the surface of the pottery a smooth, velvety brown color. The village only made household pottery, the famous jars, the surface of the ceramic ware is dark purple, hard, and rattles like cold steel.

The pieces of ancient pottery left on the walls are still intact, that’s why the soul ofTho Ha ancient village seems to remain forever…


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